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Future Moon Resident

Hey there! My name is Evan and I’m a Developer from Atlanta, Georgia.

In April I left my job as a Product Manager to study Full Stack Web Development at DigitalCrafts full-time. Previously I've also had roles in QA, Project Management, and Consulting. Pivoting to development has allowed me to get back to my engineering roots, and put me back in touch with my inner builder. I feel the best when I'm able to build and implement one of the crazy ideas that I come up with.

I grew up in Atlanta, and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Music is my first love - I’ve been playing the Saxophone for 15 years and was a DJ in college. I also have two dogs, Pepper and Tucker, who keep me sane and well-exercised.

If you're curious about my subtitle - I hope to one day be healthy and wealthy enough to retire on the Moon, in a Condo with a view of the Earth.



Heatseeker is an app that helps sneaker heads land the hottest new sneakers from local sneaker stores when they’re released. Heatseeker is a true passion project of mine, as I love collecting sneakers myself. As new raffles are announced, users can elect to receive notifications for instant updates. The app is built in React Native, with a backend using Node and Express with a PostgreSQL database. It has not been released to the app stores yet, stay tuned!

MS Craps

MS (Microsoft) Craps is an old-school Microsoft inspired Craps simulator game I built in React. The implementation is a little simpler than the game you will find in Casinos; players can wager on Pass, Field, Come, and Place bets. This project was built in 3 days by myself as part of my coursework at DigitalCrafts.

DigitalCrafts Project Database

The DigitalCrafts Project Database is a full-stack project for DigitalCrafts built with Node, Express, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and ES6 Renderer. It was built with a team of 3 over the course of 3 days in class. We built the DCPD to be a solution to a problem that many bootcamp students have: finding inspiration (or help) when building projects. Any DigitalCrafts student or alumni can submit a project to the database (via Slack authentication), and the database is viewable to everyone.

To Mom, Love Evan

To Mom, Love Evan is an interactive card I made for my mom for Mother's Day '19. My mom is nortoriously hard to shop for so I got her something no one else could, a website! I also took this as an opportunity to learn Three.js, a javascript library for 3d image rendering, built on WebGL.


Astrologic is a front-end project for DigitalCrafts, built by a team of 3 over 3 days of class. Inspired by fantasy sports, we wanted a way to find an edge when competing with our friends, so we decided to use information that no one else was to perfect our lineups - horoscopes. The page is built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and utilzies 2 APIs: the Wikipedia API to return player informationa and photos, and an Astrology API to return horoscope data.


Tower is a pygame project for DigitalCrafts. I was inspired by some of my favorite video games: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and Tiny Rogue. As you traverse through the Tower, you encounter more and more enemies, randomly placed throughout the room. The game technically has no end, as each level continues to add to the monsters you must defeat.